Communicating Mathematics in a Digital Era 2006


2018-09-07: The PAPER submission deadline have changed to 30/Sept/2018.
The publication of the book by A.K.Peters, Ltd. is confirmed. However we are still waiting for the publisher to send us the latex template for the book.



The Digital Era has brought dramatical changes to the way researchers search, produce, publish and disseminate scientific work, in particular, mathematicians. This process is still evolving due to improvements in Information Science (Information Arquitecture, Archiving, Long-term Preservation), new achivements in Computer Science Technologies (ex. XML, Data Mining, Clustering, Recovery, Visualization, Web Tools) and initiatives as DML, Open Access Journals (ex. DOAJ), Digitisation Projects (ex. EMANI, GDZ, JSTOR, NUMDAM), Scientific Catalogues (ex. Google Scholar), or OS Digital Repositories (ex. EPRINTS, DSpace).

CMDE2006 brought together researchers from Mathematics, Information Sciences and Computer Sciences, providing a forum for presenting and discussing new ideas that may contribute to improve paradigms/mechanisms of producing, searching and using scientific and technical scholarship in Mathematics.

Main Topics

The main topics of CMDE2006 include:

Data Mining, Clustering and Recovery
Digital Libraries and Archiving Networks
E-Mathematics Resources
Electronic Publishing
Free and Open Source Initiatives
Information Representation and Visualization
International Copyrights and Author’s Rights
Math-networking and Electronic Communication
Mathematics E-Learning
Metadata Models and Standards
Multimedia Tools
Web Searching

Invited Speakers:

J. Borwein (CEIC-IMU chair)
T. Bouche (NUMDAM, mini-DML project, Gallica-Math, CEDRAM)
B. Cipra (JPBM 2005 Communication Awarded)
J. Ewing (American Mathematical Society Executive Director)
P. Ion (W3C HTML-Math Working Group co-chair)
J. Kiernan (IBM Almaden Research Center)
B. Wegner (ELibM/EMIS chair)
E. Weisstein (MathWorld creator)

Organizing Committee

Eugénio A.M. Rocha (Chairman)
Dep. of Mathematics – Univ. of Aveiro
António Batel
Project PmatE – Univ. of Aveiro
José L.B. Borbinha
Dep. Computer Science – IST – Lisbon
Carlos M.S. Ferreira
Dep. of Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering – Univ. of Aveiro
Joaquim M.H.S. Pinto
Dep. of Electronics and Telecommunications and IEETA – Univ. of Aveiro
Scientific Committee

M. Joaquina Barrulas
INETI/CITI, Lisbon, Portugal
T. Bouche
UJF, Grenoble, France
J. M. Borwein
CSDUH, Halifax, Canada
E. B. Davis
King’s College London, United Kingdom
R. Keith Dennis
Cornell Univ. Ithaca NY, USA
E. Macías-Virgós
USC, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
J. A. C. Martins
DetUA and IEETA, Aveiro, Portugal
F. de Moya y Anegón
DBDUG, Granada, Spain
U. Rehmann
Univ. Bielfeld, Germany
J. F. Rodrigues
CMUC and Univ. of Lisbon, Portugal
Apuestas Deportivas Argentina

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